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 Arhiva - Stihovi, Bla bla bla

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PostSubject: Re: Arhiva - Stihovi, Bla bla bla   1/12/2010, 16:51

I trusted you, you lied
It's all I hear, a f*cking lie
Don't give a sh*t it's over now
It's all I know you broke the vow
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PostSubject: Arhiva - Stihovi, Bla bla bla   1/4/2011, 14:22

You know the games I play
And the words I say
When I want my own way

You know the lies I tell
When you've gone through hell
And I say I can't stay

You know how hard it can be
To keep believing in me
When everything and everyone
Becomes my enemy and when
There's nothing more you can do
I'm gonna blame it on you
It's not the way I want to be
I only hope that in the end you will see
It's the Opheliac in me
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Arhiva - Stihovi, Bla bla bla
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